Leading software provider in the Market Research Industry

We specialise in supplying software that helps you to automate your analysis and charting/reporting by offering a complete set of tools for managing data, producing detailed analyses and facilitating reporting.

Leading software provider in the Market Research Industry

Our Products


The most powerful and advanced scripting language for survey analysis professionals

  • For data management and tabulations
  • Fully integrated with Excel
  • Industrial strength software for MR
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Software for automating charts and presentations in PowerPoint and generating online dashboards

  • Desktop reporting to PowerPoint
  • Rapid deployment of dashboards
  • Ideal for automated reports
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Software for authoring and managing online surveys

  • Intuitive interface with contextual help
  • Fully featured to make your surveys engaging
  • Designed for use on any online device
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Software for data capture and analysis, freely distributable data input module

  • All in one package from data to tables
  • Easy to use and learn
  • Add-on supervisor function for CATI
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Free Interactive secondary analysis software - to analyze data processed by MRDCL, OnTraq or QPSMR

  • Free secondary analysis software
  • Compatible with most data formats
  • Easy to use in seconds
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MS Office solutions

We are highly skilled in building systems for automating reports in MS Office products.

  • Expertise in Excel/PowerPoint automation
  • Outputs in exactly the form you need
  • Excel-based dashboards to explore data
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A solution to manage tracking studies efficiently

  • Handles questionnaire changes easily
  • Ideal for multi-country projects
  • Deskills the task
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  • Fully comprehensive installation instructions for all of our software
  • Full software user guides readily available to download
  • We can provide full support to queries for any of our software
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MRDCL is still maintained and keeping up with the reality of these times. Here I am thinking specifically of the ability to read Excel files, which for so long have been used to deliver data, codeframes and tab-specs. I cannot yet do everything I can do in Quantum, but it is rare these days to need to do everything I can do in Quantum. I find am equally happy to spend my days writing MRDCL code. So now I am a MRDCL man as well.
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