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About MRDC

MRDC Software has been around for a while now. 25 years, in fact. The company has changed in its focus over that time, embracing many of the changes that have taken place in the business world generally, IT, market research and software. You can find a list of the MRDC Software landmarks here.

What we do

The home page tells you this, but briefly:

  • We supply a wide range of software for the marketing and market research industry
  • We supply data analysis and reporting services
  • We build custom dashboards and reporting systems
  • We manage different data sources to automate outputs

Five important things

In this ‘About’ page, we would like to tell you what we think makes MRDC Software tick. We think there are five key things:

  • We challenge everything – we are always looking for better ways to do things.
  • Educating ourselves – we spend time learning new things, taking on new ideas and sharing knowledge.
  • Educating clients – we are always ready to share our knowledge. Just ask.
  • Being honest – whether it’s good news, bad news, what you want to hear or not, we will tell you what we think.
  • Humour – it makes working so much more enjoyable, so why not share a joke in emails.

About the people

Phil Hearn, CEO

The CEO and co-founder of MRDC Software is Phil Hearn. You can read about how he runs MRDC Software here. Whilst embracing change has been the main tenet of his business life, his personal interests have not changed in years – cricket, football, squash, living in the countryside, live music, walking his dogs and enjoying a pint of beer fill his life. The biggest change in 25 years of MRDC has been that he now refuses to wear a tie for any meetings, whereas he used to reluctantly wear a tie. When recently interviewed, he stated “I find making change in business easier as I get older; the opposite to many of my contemporaries, it seems”.

Lauren Stone, Senior Manager

Lauren is a person who gets things done. If she could retire, she would spend her time horse riding and being around horses. She is an accomplished rider and lives with a menagerie of animals. Lauren is simply one of those people who can focus on what needs to be done and works best when there is pressure on. You will always get an honest answer from Lauren, particularly if it’s about horses!

Charlotte Fotoohi, Product Consultant

Charlotte works on our software side of the business and knows our range of software products inside out. She talks quickly and has a lot to say for herself, but she also can listen to what you are trying to achieve and what problems you have so that she can help to solve your software problems. She is a lively personality, loves meeting people and has become our world traveller.

Emily Rose-Talbot, Marketing Manager

Emily joined MRDC Software in 2016, but has already made a big impact. She immediately noticed that we were not getting our message out to the world and has worked hard to make sure that clients and potential clients can have access to all the information they need to succeed when working with MRDC Software.

Sandy Adriano, Programmer and Software Support Manager

Sandy works for MRDC Software in our Philippines office in Manila. He is very driven and determined to learn as much as he can. He was previously a college lecturer in programming, but is now using skills both practically and teach others. If you want to see someone is enthusiastic, Sandy is the person you need to meet.

Sonja Rose, Director

Sonja is a co-founder of MRDC Software, working for the company on a part time basis. She provides technical and business expertise, which she manages alongside her other diverse business interests. After managing some of the biggest projects in market research for almost 20 years, she has moved into new areas, but continues to help to guide MRDC Software in the right direction.

And finally....

The question that ‘About’ pages don’t often always answer is ‘Why MRDC Software?’ We talked about this at a company meeting and the answer was unanimous. Two things – because we enjoy it and because we think we are good at doing what we do.