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How to automate monthly reports

Whether you are marketing manager, financial director, sales manager, brand manager or have one of a hundred other roles, you possibly have to distribute weekly, monthly, quarterly reports to your colleagues, suppliers or clients. It’s just part of your job – and, what’s more, it probably takes longer you think it will. And, if there is a raw nerve to touch, it is laborious work for you and prone to error.

What solutions are there?

There are various solutions. There are some expensive off the shelf software programs that allow you to supply reports, but they are not necessarily easy to use and are often fussy about how you feed in the information. Of course, you may want the reports as Excel, Word or PowerPoint documents or as PDFs or they may be more useful online, possibly as part of dashboard.

Getting organised is the key

Our experience is that more and more customers want a simple customised system to deliver what you want – usually in Microsoft Office products. We have seen a huge growth in this business – and what’s more, we can help you through the painful part where organising different sources of data can mean that you have to jump through lots of hoops before you can start.

It’s getting cheaper

Report automation has grown because the cost of automation has got cheaper and cheaper as better tools and, dare I say, advice are available.

It’s going online

Report automation has moved on another step in recent years as reports can now easily be provided online. This makes it easier for users of the reports. Again, better tools have made this service within the budget of more managers.

Surprisingly, the number of companies has not grown as fast as we would have expected, but we’re hardly complaining about that!

Author: Phil Hearn (mailto:phil.hearn@mrdcsoftware.com)

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Phil Hearn
Author: Phil Hearn - Date posted: 8 February 2016
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