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MRDCL - 5 Big Productivity Tips Webinar

Our webinar, 5 Big MRDCL Productivity Tips, drew a big audience. The purpose of the webinar was to give both new and experienced users some ideas about how MRDCL can be used more productively than any other scripting tabulation software.

The content of the webinar

Although it was difficult to choose the subjects to illustrate MRDCL's power features, the five topics were:

  • Some tips on how to make big runs quicker
  • How to use EPS (Excel Productivity Scripting) to make tracking studies easy to handle
  • How to merge external data with survey data efficiently
  • Techniques for handling summary tables and table output
  • Developing functions in MRDCL
  • Developing functions in conjunction with EPS.

Want to download the files used in the webinar?

You can download the files from this link.

Where next?

The goal of the webinar was to inspire users to re-think how they approach complex or repetitive tasks and make their data processing more efficient. There will be another webinar in this series in December 2018.

For more information or help with any of the techniques discussed in this webinar, please contact lauren.stone@mrdcsoftware.com.

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Phil Hearn
Author: Phil Hearn - Date posted: 29 August 2018
Category: data-analysis - Tags: MRDCL, webinar

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