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Phil Hearn talks about online research at PERPI Conference

Phil Hearn was guest of PERPI's Breakfast Meeting at Le Meridien Hotel in Jakarta on Wednesday 18th November at which he was invited to speak to members of PERPI about the increasing role of online data collection and online reporting in the market research world. His talk focused on how online dashboards can give market research a higher profile in major companies, particularly where other business data can be viewed alongside research data.

PERPI (which stands for Perhimpunan Riset Pemasaran Indonesia) is the successful market research society of Indonesia. The event was attended by almost 50 delegates. For fuller details of the paper see below. A copy of the presentation can be downloaded.

PowerPoint still rules!

In Phil's presentation, he briefly covered the history of market research and told PERPI delegates that much of the reporting from research had not changed in 20 years - since Microsoft launched PowerPoint, in fact. Better tools had come on the market to produce tables and charts from research, but there had been a lack of new presentation tools until recently.

But things are changing

There is a greater demand for data to be made online. Some of the online data collection platforms have tools to provide a level of reporting online so that researchers and clients can have data at their fingertips. Some can show data in real time. Additionally, there are specialists tools, such as Dynamic Research Manager, that can take survey data and present results online either as static charts and figures or as an interactive dashboard where data can be browsed and filtered.

The growth of custom dashboards

Beyond this, custom dashboards were becoming more popular and more competitively priced. Custom dashboards have, in many cases, given market research a higher profile within companies buying research by putting research data alongside other business data, such as sales, customers, production costs, advertising spend etc. "This is a real opportunity for market research to gain a higher profile" Phil explained to the delegates.

The session closed with chair, Yanti Nisro, thanking Phil for coming to Jakarta and sharing "what's next in market research".

Phil Hearn
Author: Phil Hearn - Date posted: 28 November 2015
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