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MRDC brings leading social listening and communities platform to Asia

social listening communities MROC communities247 listening247I am delighted to announce a partnership with DigitalMR, whose communities247 and listening247 products have performed strongly in Europe. listening247 is billed as the only social media analytics solution developed specifically for the purpose of customer insights and can be used for conversations in 'any language'. communities247 is an online communities platform (MROC) with tools including bulletin boards, polls, video diaries, and the option to integrate 3rd party survey tools. Snap, for example, integrates well with the DigitalMR communities247 platform.

Embracing what’s new in research

MRDC Software has provided best of class software tools for quantitative market research for many years, including products for data collection, analysis and reporting, but this partnership with DigitalMR gives us a much broader offering.

Quality and reporting attracted us to DigitalMR

The two key factors that drew MRDC towards this partnership were the emphasis that DigitalMR places on accuracy of data and the importance of reporting the information clearly and flexibly. As specialists in all forms of reporting, this offers us, I believe, even greater ability to pull together different types of research and other important measures or KPIs.

Working with DigitalMR

I am also delighted to be working with DigitalMR, a company that has a track record of showing its commitment to customers. Michalis Michael, DigitalMR’s CEO, said: “Customers in Europe have had great success with our products and brand managers have found new insight that can give an important competitive edge. We are delighted to partner with MRDC Software as we see a great deal of opportunity in this rapidly expanding market.”

Initial launch

The communities247 and listening247 platforms will be showcased at MRDC’s forthcoming seminar in Bangkok in April. We will also be visiting many Asian countries in the coming months as well as attending the ESOMAR Conference in Shanghai in May. To arrange a demonstration or to find out more, please contact charlotte.fotoohi@mrdcsoftware.com.

Phil Hearn
Author: Phil Hearn - Date posted: 22 March 2017
Category: survey-software - Tags: social-listening, communities, MROC, listening247, communities247

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