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Communities Webinar - Getting the most from online communities

If you missed our webinar discussing the how to get the most from online communities, catch up on it with the recording below where we cover the following topics:

  • The benefits of Online Communities (MROCs) vs. traditional market research methods
  • What Online Communities offer that traditional market research does not
  • Examples of how Online Communities can be used to the advantage of various departments within an organisation
  • The importance of choosing a platform that is user friendly and can be customised in real-time
  • Analysis of data from Online Communities
  • How Integration of Online Communities can be used in conjunction with Social Listening, enabling a virtuous cycle of customer insights

Emily Rose-Talbot
Author: Emily Rose-Talbot - Date posted: 6 September 2017
Category: MR-business - Tags: communities, communities247, data, online

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