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  • The Game Changer: Snap Surveys

    The mode of conducting surveys changes over time - from paper to phone interview surveys to online surveys which are now frequently used by most research companies and establishments. MRDC Software is now stepping up in providing our customers the most up-to-date software and introducing the better…

    Phil Hearn
    Author: Phil Hearn - Date posted: 14 April 2016
    Tags: snap, survey, marketing, research
  • How much does market research software cost?

    If you typed the title of this blog article into Google, it might be fair to say that the question ‘How much does market research software cost?’ is too vague, but that doesn’t mean that there are a number of key question you can ask yourself to help you identify your real needs and to buy astutely…

    Phil Hearn
    Author: Phil Hearn - Date posted: 6 April 2016
    Tags: cost, triple-s, licence - Category: MR-business
  • 5 ways to make MRDCL runs faster

    MRDCL users are so used to runs completing in seconds that it sometimes comes as a surprise when a run takes several minutes or even hours to run. So, let’s look at the five things that will make your MRDCL runs faster because, in our experience, most long run times can be reduced hugely. It’s m…

    Phil Hearn
    Author: Phil Hearn - Date posted: 18 March 2016
    Category: data-analysis - Tags: MRDCL, runtimes, efficient, preprocessor
  • What’s the best tabulation software for me?

    I was a speaker at a conference in Jakarta recently and as I left the conference room, someone came up to me and asked “What’s the best tabulation software for me?” I could see the man was short of time, so I had to think fast. My reply was “Tell me three things. Firstly, describe what you consider…

    Phil Hearn
    Author: Phil Hearn - Date posted: 1 March 2016
    Tags: tables, tabulation, crosstab, mrdcl, qps, snap, datadynamic, triple-s, spss - Category: data-analysis
  • 5 ways to encourage people to complete your online survey

    When an interviewer conducts a research interview with a respondent, the interviewer can persuade, cajole and, dare I say, make it difficult for the respondent to leave midway through an interview. When the questionnaire is being conducted online, the respondent only needs to take their mouse to th…

    Phil Hearn
    Author: Phil Hearn - Date posted: 23 February 2016
    Category: online-surveys - Tags: online, psychology
  • How to automate monthly reports

    Whether you are marketing manager, financial director, sales manager, brand manager or have one of a hundred other roles, you possibly have to distribute weekly, monthly, quarterly reports to your colleagues, suppliers or clients. It’s just part of your job – and, what’s more, it probably takes lon…

    Phil Hearn
    Author: Phil Hearn - Date posted: 8 February 2016
    Tags: automation, report, Excel, PowerPoint - Category: automated-reporting
  • Using VBA to automate PowerPoint reports

    If you ever wanted to run a similar report PowerPoint to one you already have, you will know it can be a laborious process. You give the boss a PowerPoint presentation on sales in Asia and he immediately says that it is a brilliant piece of work but he would now like a separate report for each coun…

    Phil Hearn
    Author: Phil Hearn - Date posted: 8 December 2015
    Tags: PowerPoint, automation, reports, VBA, Excel - Category: automated-reporting
  • How does MRDCL compare with Quantum?

    In about 1995, I was asked at a market research exhibition the question “Which is the better tabulation software, MRDCL or Quantum?” I found myself answering the question in that biased way we all do in business, but as I was answering the question I realised that I was actually saying “well, they …

    Phil Hearn
    Author: Phil Hearn - Date posted: 4 December 2015
    Tags: MRDCL, Quantum, tabulation - Category: data-analysis
  • Phil Hearn talks about online research at PERPI Conference

    Phil Hearn was guest of PERPI's Breakfast Meeting at Le Meridien Hotel in Jakarta on Wednesday 18th November at which he was invited to speak to members of PERPI about the increasing role of online data collection and online reporting in the market research world. His talk focused on how online das…

    Phil Hearn
    Author: Phil Hearn - Date posted: 28 November 2015
    Tags: PERPI, online, research - Category: online-surveys
  • How much does online research software cost?

    Like many other product fields, the amount you spend on something can depend on what you want and, of course, your budget. However, you don't need to spend as much as you may think and may need the most expensive software products for online research software. For those new to online data collecti…

    Phil Hearn
    Author: Phil Hearn - Date posted: 28 October 2015
    Tags: online, research, CAWI, cost - Category: online-surveys