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Choosing the right software in market research

Date: Tuesday 25th June 2019

Time: 9.00am UK time**

This is a webinar with a difference! It’s a webinar about software in market research without mentioning any software product or demonstrating any software. Phil Hearn will be sharing his many years’ experience and knowledge of market research software and offering an insight into what factors you should consider when purchasing software. Whilst functionality and price might be at the top of most buyers’ list, Phil will suggest that many other factors should be considered to ensure the best ROI.

Phil says “This is not about our software. My aim is to be as objective as possible and help buyers of software buy the right software. If any software supplier thinks it has the ideal software for everyone, it probably doesn’t”. Watch this valuable webinar and share your thoughts. And, start a conversation.

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**This is 4.00pm Singapore time, 2.30pm Myanmar, 3.00pm Thailand/Indonesia/Vietnam