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5 Productivity Secrets For Getting More From QPSMR

Date: Thursday 6th February

Time: 8:30am (UK Time)

This webinar is all about getting the most out of QPSMR. Although the webinar may or may not cover topics that affect you from day to day, we guarantee that you will discover something that will offer you insight to something in the future.

What you will learn from this webinar:

  1. How to use some short-cut tools in the QPSMR Companion
  2. How to take advantage of new analysis features in the QPSMR Companion
  3. How to get more power from tables analysis by using add-ins. Add-ins can save you hours of time for laborious tasks and allow you to perform more complex tables than you can with the standard QPSMR interface
  4. An introduction how you can advance from QPSMR to the more powerful scripting language of MRDCL
  5. How to get from QPSMR tables to charts or indexed Excel tables

The session will be led by Phil Hearn, who will be unveiling ways you can access greater depths of data management & analysis. As usual, all the files used in the demonstrations will be available to attendees.

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