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4 Productivity Secrets about MRDCL

When: Tuesday 5th March at 8.30am UK time **

Following the positive feedback we received from our previous MRDCL webinar, “5 Big Productivity Tips” , on Tuesday 5th March at 8.30am UK time**, we will be holding another webinar called “4 Productivity Secrets about MRDCL”.

The webinar may or may not cover topics that affect you from day to day, but we (almost) guarantee that you will discover something that will offer you insight to something in the future.

The session will be led by Phil Hearn, who will be unveiling ways you can access greater depths of data handling. Use of EPS (Excel Productivity Scripting) and other productivity techniques will be used. As usual, all the files used in the demonstrations will be available to attendees.

Get more from your MRDCL by joining us.

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**This is 4.30pm Singapore time, 2.30pm Myanmar, 3.30pm Thailand/Indonesia/Vietnam