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In-survey Calculations

In-survey Calculations (routing, piping, masking)

Question Routing

Snap has a full set of question routing features so that you choose which questions your respondents answer. You can apply unlimited routing rules. Even if you have a paper survey, routing rules are visible on your questionnaire. Routing rules are also active during scanning to ensure that you have accurate data.

Text Substitution (Piping)

Text substitution or text piping allows you to make your questionnaires more conversational and respondents will find this convenient as they will not go back to previous pages to see what they have answered.

Snap will make sure that your questionnaire is logical even if your respondents have multiple answers.

Answer Masking

Masking features ensure that respondents can only choose relevant answers. For example, you may want to ask a respondent to choose their favourite supermarket from the supermarkets that they ever use.

Answer Masking will show or hide answers based on previous answers. For example, a respondent may choose Costco and Tesco. When you apply Answer Masking on your next question, it can hide your respondent’s responses to the previous question…