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NEW listening247 Products

MRDC Software would like to introduce you to the three new offerings for social listening that have been launched. They are not ‘new products’ as such, but packaging of our existing technology in smaller bites.

The reason for launching the new services is a simple one. We have gained rapidly increasing interest in our listening247 product due to the higher accuracy of information that it provides and its provable effectiveness to monitor sentiment and emotion accurately. Achieving this level of accuracy comes at a slightly higher price tag than some competitors. We have, therefore, launched two lower cost services and one free service to provide an affordable solution as well as a good entry point for companies who have not invested in social listening before or have only experienced lesser or less effective products.

The three products are as follows:

Brand Presence

This is a free service that allows you to explore up to 5 brands. It will harvest the past 6 months data and provide a free report that identifies posts per month and the source of the posts (Twitter, Facebook etc.) It also gives you some indicative data to ensure that there is sufficient coverage of the brands you may be planning to compare on a larger scale project or over a particular time period. This can be delivered in 3-4 working days.

Campaign Evaluation

This is an entry level service for social listening. Its purpose is to evaluate a digital or multi-channel marketing campaign based on what people say on social media. This service includes the following: posts per week, number of shared posts, source of post, identification of key topics, brand sentiment, net sentiment score (like net preference score but based on sentiment). The program would last for three months from the campaign launch. The cost would be US$4750 for one report after 3 months covering one language. More frequent reporting and additional languages are available for a small additional cost.

Social Benchmark

This is a second entry level service for social listening. It offers more depth than the free ‘Brand Presence’ report. It includes everything in the ‘Brand Presence’ report but additionally includes identification of key topics, brand sentiment and net sentiment score. Again, this covers up to 10 brands harvesting data from the previous 6 months for one language. The cost would be US$7000. Other options are available for other time periods and reporting frequencies.This report can be delivered within 5-7 working days.

For information on the full listening247 product follow this link.