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Automating tables and reports in MRDCL

Automating tables and reports in MRDCL

MRDCL has tools so that you can automate a series of table reports or outputs. For example, you may wish to run a set of tables for all countries in a survey as well as a separate set of tables for each country.

This can be achieved by running a batch program that can handle the runs one after the other, or it can be used as an interactive tool that you build within MRDCL, so that you can choose different options for each run. For example, one selection for country, another selection for gender and another selection for product.

Your script can use parameters that allow the program to handle questionnaire differences. For example, in the UK questionnaire the income question might have data collected as 3 income bands, whereas in the Hong Kong questionnaire, the income question may have been collected as 5 income bands. MRDCL script could then pick up data differently (and recode it, if necessary) for each country’s run.

This feature means that you should never have to duplicate MRDCL scripts for multiple runs. Everything can be handled in one program.