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Checking data in MRDCL

Checking data in MRDCL

MRDCL has a good range of tools to check your data. Errors can be output to text files or Excel reports displaying any data you choose.

For example, you might want to check that the sum of 4 figures totals 100%. All you would have to do is to specify a figure that adds the 4 figures together and displays the data with a message, if you wish, so that the data can be checked or amended.

Some of the common checks that you can make using MRDCL are:

  • Checking logic of values – for example, if someone drinks 2 cans of soft drink per week at one question, they shouldn’t claim to drink over 500 per year at another question.
  • Checking routing – interviewers often ask questions which are irrelevant – for example, non-users of a product shouldn’t answer questions in a section intended for users only.
  • Checking that values are within range – for example, the price of a product is between $5 and $10 – if someone has answered $1000, they have probably missed the decimal point!
  • Checking respondents are eligible for a survey

Data can also be corrected within MRDCL. We recommended the raw data is not physically changed at all, but that all data is changed within MRDCL so that there is an audit trail for your data. Correcting the data in Excel spreadsheet is a recommended approach.