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Customisable templates in MRDCL

Customisable templates in MRDCL

MRDCL has tools so that you can create your own templates – this can be by using Excel, by using parameters that drive script or by developing subroutines within the program.

Customisable templates allow you to build systems to handle particular tasks – they tend to be tasks that are laborious to prepare, tasks that are complex or, perhaps more commonly, bright ideas that someone has to simplify a current procedure.

Further, customisable templates can be designed to fit your exact needs – either the way you work or what your clients need.

All that the MRDCL user does is to set a reference to a worksheet within a workbook and a standard script will read the Excel worksheet and handle it in the appropriate way. Each user will use the template in the same way, but there can be settings that allow as much flexibility as every user needs.

Here are some examples where customisable templates are useful:

  • An Excel worksheet can be used to store code lists so that merged codes, sub-totals (nets) can all be controlled through a spreadsheet.
  • A script could be written that sets parameters to tell MRDCL which types of tables are needed from a rating scale. There could, for example, be 10 analysis variants, but for a particular rating scale a user might choose to have ranked mean score summary table, a top two box analysis and the full distribution of each rating statement by a standard banner.
  • A subroutine could be written to look up data from a MRDCL table, Excel, Access or some other calculation based on one or more variables.
  • Table specifications could be entered into Excel and used to specify tables, the options required etc.
  • Data corrections could be handled using a template keeping an audit trail of data amendments.
  • Figures could be output directly to an Excel spreadsheet in the cells required.

There are limitless examples. If you think we can help, please contact our support team.

Some examples follow: