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Freely distributable QPS modules

Freely distributable QPS modules

When you buy QPSMR, you get three freely distributable modules which can give you greater flexibility at no extra cost.

  • MRInput

This allows you to distribute your project to anyone (including other companies), so that data entry can be carried out on your project without any further licence fees. Just prepare your project as usual and then use the project distribution tools so that you can deliver files to anyone.

The questionnaire is locked so that it cannot be changed, but data can be entered and returned to you for management and analysis later.

  • Reflect

This software allows you to distribute your project to anyone (including clients) so that secondary analysis can be performed without any further licence fees on a project that you have processed in QPS.

The database within QPS is locked so that the Reflect user cannot collect or change data, but they can perform secondary analysis using new crosstabs and filters etc. You can choose whether you will allow the user to export the data to other software packages.