Leaders in Innovative Research Solutions



  • 1992 – Company formed. We provided data processing services, mainly tabulations, to the market research industry
  • 1994 - We started to specialise in complex data analyse projects, handling some of the biggest and most complex projects in the business
  • 1996 – We started providing software solutions to the market research industry for tabulations and CATI (telephone) surveys. Partnered with NetMR.
  • 1998 – We started providing automated reporting services, utilising the automation possible within Microsoft Office
  • 2000 – We invested in developing MRDCL to make it the leading scripted tabulation software, subsequently buying all rights to MRDCL from Market Research Software Ltd.
  • 2002 – First office in Asia Pacific to support our rapidly growing customer base in Asia
  • 2004 – Set up a data entry outsource centre in Thailand by scanning questionnaires in UK and having data entered in Thailand
  • 2007 – Moved into data management and increased our automated reporting services
  • 2010 – Sold data analysis and outsource centre in Thailand to Cobalt Sky Ltd
  • 2011 - MRDCL enhanced to have EPS (Excel Productivity Scripting) so templates could be used for complex or laborious tasks – the biggest productivity development in the market
  • 2013 – Increased our automated reporting services to include online dashboard
  • 2015 – Partnered with Snap Surveys to launch Snap, their leading online data collection and reporting platform in Asia
  • 2016 – Partnered with DigitalMR to launch Social Listening (Listening247) and Communities247 platforms in Asia
  • 2017 - Customer Experience (CX) platform launched, integrating our existing data collection and reporting services.