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Using MRDCL for big projects

MRDCL has been used to handle the largest projects. You will be able to process millions of records using MRDCL, thousands of variables and thousands of tables all within one MRDCL script.

We have been independently assessed as having the fastest engine for running research tabulations making MRDCL the logical choice for companies running large projects.

MRDCL also allows you to split projects in two or three parts so that any errors you make can be corrected without running everything from the beginning. For example, for larger projects, we recommend that your script that reads the data and builds the variable database is a separate script from the one that produces the tables. This means that you do not need to re-read data if you want additional tables or to correct an existing table.

Also, for large projects, you can just re-compile your MRDCL scripts if you have only made text errors or want to change format options.

It is also easy to produce different volumes of tables from the same project without re-reading data or incrementing tables, where different clients or users want different table volumes.

If you have a large project, ask our support team for advice on how best to save yourself time running your project. In some cases, we have reduced staff time by 90% by suggesting improved practices.