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Preparing questionnaires in QPS

Preparing questionnaires in QPS

QPS is easy to use for all your paper questionnaires and CAPI / CATI interviews.

The software allows you to prepare all the types of questions used in a market research survey. This includes rating scales, images, videos, open ended questions and many more.

Customer feedback tells us that the software is highly intuitive which means that you can get started with minimal training. Some customers have launched their first survey within one day!

To prepare your questionnaire in QPS, you need to enter details of each question and the possible responses to that question. You can put checks into the data both for data entry staff or where the interview is administered by an interviewer or a telephone operator.

Once your questionnaire is ready, you can distribute for data entry free of charge by using the freely distributable MRInput software. This means there are no more licence fees even if you have hundreds of data entry staff.

Once you have collected some data, you are ready to produce tabulations – you can literally produce hundreds of tables in seconds.