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Private Online Communities

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communities247 is a private online communities platform that enables your business to reach out to and engage with 10s, 100s or even 1000s of your customers. Using this multilingual program will generate co-creation, give you unique insights and will strengthen your customer loyalty.

Online Communities can be used for engagement with prospects, customers, stakeholders, key influencers, even employees, to conduct qualitative research, and build brand advocacy. You can consider it as insights on demand. This is the era of consumer engagement and every brand and every organisation needs to have open and continuous dialogue with their customers and stakeholders.

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The communities247 platform can be customised and branded (or unbranded) to match your and your client’s needs, it comes with a wide range of native tools for research such as polls, bulletin boards, focus groups, photo and video diaries, and it can easily integrate 3rd party tools. communities247 is web responsive, and has won a global gamification award from OVUM.

communities247 can help:

●Open a window into consumers’ lives

●Engage with prospects or customers no matter where they are in the world

●Inform all decisions with what stakeholders think

●Interact with key influencers in a cost effective way

●Streamline all qualitative research needs

●Connect the dots between multiple ways of gathering information

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