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The CYS Platform for Data Management & Online Dashboards

Now everyone can afford online dashboards


  • Fully featured data management system
  • Merges data from one or more surveys with other business metrics/KPIs
  • Produces customisable online dashboards making use of tables, charts and Infographics
  • Produces dashboards with views and access to suit each user’s needs
  • Collects online customer feedback data


  • Gives clients and stakeholders access to their data
  • Can view business data alongside research data
  • Makes dashboards from almost any research project viable
  • Offers good infographics making data easier to understand
  • Heightens the value of market research
  • Gets market research data more accessible at board level

Key Features

  • Data mapping
  • Data merging (surveys and other business data)
  • Dynamic rule engine
  • Expert mode using SQL scripting
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Dashboard branding
  • Target group focus
  • Flexible periods
  • Pre-set KPIs and calculations
  • Smart widgets
  • Icon widgets
  • Real-time infographics
  • Create your own infographics
  • Complete system for customer feedback

Prices & Packages

**Please note prices displayed are based on a yearly licence.


Each package contains 2 users. Users are able to create and manage projects, other users and collaborators and dashboards. You have the option to add extra users any time.

Extra user £ 50/mo


Each package contains 10 collaborators. Collaborators have access to results, questionnaires, audits and checklists that have been appointed to them, with the mobile app or online. You have the option to add extra collaborators any time.

10 extra collaborators £ 25/mo


Each package contains 1 active project. Per project you are able to create one questionnaire, form or checklist. You have the option to add extra projects any time.

Extra project £ 99/mo

For more information or to arrange a demo or FREE trial please contact Nikki Sunga at nikki.sunga@mrdcsoftware.com