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Social Listening & Analytics

listening247 is a 3rd generation Social Listening & Analytics solution, and the only one that was developed specifically for the purpose of customer insights. listening247 accesses online posts on any public website, in any language, and using Artificial Intelligence it produces accurate insights that can be integrated with surveys and other data.

Social Listening can help any brand or organisation find out what is being said about themselves and their competitors online, and manage their online reputation on social media and other online locations. This enables them to better understand how consumers express themselves, and how they feel about your brand or product.

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listening247 focuses on high accuracy through its unique process of removing “noise” (i.e. irrelevant data) before analysing the data in an automated way, delivering results with sentiment and semantic (topics) precision of over 80%.

listening247can help:

  • Discover unique customer insights
  • Evaluate digital marketing campaigns
  • Actively manage brand reputation online
  • Develop innovative & compelling products
  • Address operational and customer service opportunities

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FREE Social Listening Service

We are pleased to announce a free social listening service we have newly launched:

  • Brand Presence - This is a free service that allows you to explore up to 5 brands using 6 months’ data. Click here for more info.

Alongside this new free service, we are now also offering these two new entry point products:

  • Campaign Evaluation - This will evaluate a digital or multichannel marketing campaign based on what people say on social media. The cost starts at US$4000. Click here for more info.

  • Social Benchmark - This offers more depth than the free ‘Brand Presence’ report. It includes identification of key topics, brand sentiment and net sentiment score and covers up to 10 brands. The cost would be from US$7000. Click here for more info.