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QPS - compatible with MRDCL

QPS - compatible with MRDCL Many users of QPS move on to MRDCL. QPS and MRDCL use the same engine to process data. When you run QPS to produce cross tabulations, your QPS project is converted to MRDCL script and run for you. Advanced users of QPS can progress to MRDCL by using the scripting language that sits under QPS. Indeed, you can make some use of the MRDCL scripting language within QPS, but it is limited. A better way to make use of MRDCL script within QPS is to understand how to build snippets. Snippets are chunks of MRDCL code that are driven by parameters. So, you could develop a snippet that automatically adds a top two and bottom two box for a whole series of rating statements. To understand how to use snippets, you would either need MRDCL skills or be trained in the use of snippets. However, with this knowledge you can take many short cuts, particularly for complex or repetitive tasks. When you run QPS having opened a tables file, you will find that a MRDCL .stp file has automatically been created by QPS. You can use this file in MRDCL or use it to learn how to program MRDCL. It means that transferring a project from QPS to MRDCL is easy.

MRDCL will offer many advantages, but you do need to understand the script to make the most of the software.