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Report Automation can save you time, improve accuracy and reduce costs

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Reduce the time you need to spend producing reports

Whatever business sector you work in, if you find yourself clicking copy and paste too many times, there may be an easier solution. Similarly, if you are producing multiple reports in any format, it might time to look at ways of automating the reports. We do automated reporting to make a living. You can be sure that we have found the best ways to generate reports without the effort you may have to put in. Pulling together data from data sources to produce a report can be simplified with report automation.

Avoid making mistakes and reduce your checking time

Producing multiple reports is not only time consuming, but is a task that is highly prone to error. Report automation means that once the automation has been programmed, running the reports can take place with a low risk of errors. Checking time is substantially reduced and minor changes can be implemented at the last minute easily.

Report automation can save you money

Producing multiple reports can require a lot of manpower to complete the task. Report automation can often carried out at a fraction of the cost of producing manually. When producing multiple reports in any form, offline or online, in Excel, PowerPoint, as a PDF or some other form, each report will take approximately the same time for each report. With report automation, once one report is programmed, producing more reports will take a computer between a couple of second and a couple of minutes to produce.

Report automation is faster

If you need reports quickly, automation can mean that you reports are available within one working day or less in some cases. Your colleagues or your client will not have to wait until everything has been input and checked before the reports can be distributed. With report automation, everything can be prepared and tested in advance to ensure a rapid delivery to the users of the reported data.

Distribution can be anyway you want

Distribution can take time. Why not leave distribution to us using our customisable distribution system. We can either automatically email reports to each person or team or send a download link for each recipient. When reports are made available for download, you can check to see who has downloaded the reports. Alternatively, the reports can be viewed online and can be interactive. If you prefer, we can send you a bunch of files so that you can make your arrangements, of course.

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