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Overview for cati

  • Should all market research software be online?

    Market research has adopted technology at varying speeds in its history, often at a different rate to other industries. Why is this? Is it important? CAPI (Computer assisted personal interviewing), CAWI (web interviewing), CATI (telephone interviewing), tabulations, reporting and dashboarding all p…

    Phil Hearn
    Author: Phil Hearn - Date posted: 6 March 2019
    Category: online-surveys - Tags: online, MRDCL, QPSMR, snap, iris, cati, dashboard, tabulations, surveys, crosstabulations
  • What types of software are used for CATI surveys?

    The CATI (or Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) market has clearly shrunk in recent years with the advent of cheaper and faster online surveys. Telephone surveys of the past are often now conducted online. There are few new products in the CATI software market, but the way CATI is being used…

    Phil Hearn
    Author: Phil Hearn - Date posted: 10 February 2019
    Category: capi-cati - Tags: cati, QPSMR, telephone, surveys, research
  • What is the best software to use for CATI?

    As more and more market research surveys are conducted online, older technologies tend to stand still. Why? Because the software companies are racing to be leaders in the next big thing. This can leave a void meaning that older technologies don’t develop as much as they could. MRDC has sought to st…

    Phil Hearn
    Author: Phil Hearn - Date posted: 25 July 2018
    Category: capi-cati - Tags: QPSMR, CATI, server
  • Telephone number security with CATI software using QPSMR

    Security and data privacy continue to grow in importance. New laws in the EU under GDPR are designed to make care of personal data increasingly important to companies. Whilst there is an established and obvious need for data security with online surveys, there has arguably been less rigour with CAT…

    Phil Hearn
    Author: Phil Hearn - Date posted: 22 February 2018
    Category: capi-cati - Tags: QPSMR, CATI, security
  • Is it important to have multimode survey software?

    If you make a Google search for online survey software, you can go through several pages finding different products. However, few of these offer mixed modes or multimode surveys. Ignoring the paid for advertising, the first page of the search at the time of writing this article threw up three revie…

    Phil Hearn
    Author: Phil Hearn - Date posted: 23 August 2017
    Category: survey-software - Tags: capi, cati, cawi, scanning, online
  • The true cost of CATI software: the case for QPSMR

    Although there has been a big movement to online surveys, CATI (computer assisted telephone interviewing) still has a big role to play in market research. The true cost of CATI software, however, is often overlooked. When considering which product to use, there are four major things to consider whe…

    Phil Hearn
    Author: Phil Hearn - Date posted: 16 September 2016
    Category: capi-cati - Tags: qpsmr, cati, telephone