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Overview for mrdcl

  • How to evaluate MRDCL, our scripted tabulation software

    Evaluating any market research software package whether it is for CAPI, CATI, CAWI, crosstabs, reporting or any other task is not easy. Deciding what is best for your business will need to take into consideration functionality and, of course, pricing, but it is easy to neglect support and productiv…

    Phil Hearn
    Author: Phil Hearn - Date posted: 21 February 2019
    Category: data-analysis - Tags: MRDCL, evaluation, crosstabulations, crosstabs, tabulation, quantum, merlin
  • Why MRDCL for crosstabs / tabulations?

    MRDCL is one of a small number of software products that allow data processing professionals to efficiently produce volumes of crosstabulations, crosstabs, tabulations, tables or whatever you call them using a scripting language. Whilst there are hundreds of software products available to the marke…

    Phil Hearn
    Author: Phil Hearn - Date posted: 9 November 2018
    Category: data-analysis - Tags: MRDCL, crosstabulations, crosstabs, tables, productivity
  • Efficient vs Inefficient Market Research Data Processing

    I am sometimes shocked to see how inefficiently some market research data processing tasks are carried out. Every business has some inefficiencies where the wrong people are being asked to perform a task, the wrong tools are being used or the wrong approach has been adopted. The ‘price’ of these in…

    Phil Hearn
    Author: Phil Hearn - Date posted: 20 September 2018
    Category: MR-business - Tags: efficient, DP, processing, MRDCL, processes
  • MRDCL - 5 Big Productivity Tips Webinar

    Our webinar, 5 Big MRDCL Productivity Tips, drew a big audience. The purpose of the webinar was to give both new and experienced users some ideas about how MRDCL can be used more productively than any other scripting tabulation software. The content of the webinar Although it was difficult to…

    Phil Hearn
    Author: Phil Hearn - Date posted: 29 August 2018
    Category: data-analysis - Tags: MRDCL, webinar
  • Replacing Quantum Software – What Matters?

    The need to replace Quantum as a tool for processing market research crosstabs has been gathering pace in recent years. It’s not its lack of power that is the problem, but its lack of support, development and its inoperability under modern Windows platforms makes it less than efficient. The alterna…

    Phil Hearn
    Author: Phil Hearn - Date posted: 13 January 2018
    Category: data-analysis - Tags: MRDCL, Merlin, Uncle, Quantum, productivity
  • How to handle long ASCII records using MRDCL

    Data storage is cheap and data collection is cheaper. This means that there is less effort to control the amount that is collected. The result is that when data is output from survey software programs, the record length may be extraordinarily long usually due to the amount text that has been collec…

    Phil Hearn
    Author: Phil Hearn - Date posted: 10 September 2017
    Category: data-management - Tags: mrdcl, ascii, big-files