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Overview for MRDCL

  • What is rim weighting - with free Excel working model

    Rim weighting is a technique commonly used to weight market research data to known targets - e.g. age groups, region, gender. The technique will allow you to weight to each variable (question) independently. MRDC can provide you with a free working model in Excel if you email phil.hearn@mrdcsoftwar…

    Phil Hearn
    Author: Phil Hearn - Date posted: 6 May 2016
    Category: data-analysis - Tags: rim, weighting, target, mrdcl, excel, qpsmr
  • 5 ways to make MRDCL runs faster

    MRDCL users are so used to runs completing in seconds that it sometimes comes as a surprise when a run takes several minutes or even hours to run. So, let’s look at the five things that will make your MRDCL runs faster because, in our experience, most long run times can be reduced hugely. It’s m…

    Phil Hearn
    Author: Phil Hearn - Date posted: 18 March 2016
    Category: data-analysis - Tags: MRDCL, runtimes, efficient, preprocessor
  • What’s the best tabulation software for me?

    I was a speaker at a conference in Jakarta recently and as I left the conference room, someone came up to me and asked “What’s the best tabulation software for me?” I could see the man was short of time, so I had to think fast. My reply was “Tell me three things. Firstly, describe what you consider…

    Phil Hearn
    Author: Phil Hearn - Date posted: 1 March 2016
    Tags: tables, tabulation, crosstab, mrdcl, qps, snap, datadynamic, triple-s, spss - Category: data-analysis
  • How does MRDCL compare with Quantum?

    In about 1995, I was asked at a market research exhibition the question “Which is the better tabulation software, MRDCL or Quantum?” I found myself answering the question in that biased way we all do in business, but as I was answering the question I realised that I was actually saying “well, they …

    Phil Hearn
    Author: Phil Hearn - Date posted: 4 December 2015
    Tags: MRDCL, Quantum, tabulation - Category: data-analysis
  • Exporting data to SPSS from MRDCL or QPS

    I’m not obsessed with buying shoes – far from it, but I’ve a pair of shoes for when I am around the house, a pair of shoes for casual wear, a pair for work, a pair for meeting friends, a pair for walking, a pair climbing over rough terrain etc. etc. Similarly with software, you need different “pair…

    Phil Hearn
    Author: Phil Hearn - Date posted: 27 October 2015
    Tags: SPSS, export, import, MRDCL, QPSMR - Category: data-management