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Overview for rim

  • Is it OK to weight my survey data?

    You have successfully collected your survey data but the sample you have ended up with is not representative. “Should I weight my survey data?”, you might ask yourself. You might have 60% males and 40% females whereas you know you want a 50-50 split. The question you have to ask yourself is “is it …

    Phil Hearn
    Author: Phil Hearn - Date posted: 2 November 2016
    Tags: weighting, rim, target, mrdcl, qpsmr - Category: data-analysis
  • What is rim weighting - with free Excel working model

    Rim weighting is a technique commonly used to weight market research data to known targets - e.g. age groups, region, gender. The technique will allow you to weight to each variable (question) independently. MRDC can provide you with a free working model in Excel if you email phil.hearn@mrdcsoftwar…

    Phil Hearn
    Author: Phil Hearn - Date posted: 6 May 2016
    Category: data-analysis - Tags: rim, weighting, target, mrdcl, excel, qpsmr