Leaders in Innovative Research Solutions


  • Sudhir Shrivastav

    It was a wonderful experience attending these [MRDCL training] sessions where the topics were explained well. You are always very supportive in solving our queries. I really appreciate your support. I would also like to thanks Phil as his experience and understanding in the sector has made things very easy to understand. Apart from technical understanding, he always explained to us the best way to do things. Once again, thanks to you, Phil and Lauren.

    - Sudhir Shrivastav (Nielsen)
  • Patrizia Hertach

    Patrizia Hertach from BFU, the Swiss Council for Accident Prevention, used our free Excel-based rim weighting calculator. She said “Thank you so much, the tool is exactly what I needed and it worked! This has saved me quite some time and I am very grateful"

    - Patrizia Hertach (BFU, the Swiss Council for Accident Prevention)
  • Kittirat Lelahuta

    We find MRDCL as an ideal tool for market research tabulations. It can reduce data processing time, increase productivity and has many useful functions for mean score calculations, table summaries, weighted score calculations, significant tests and much more. After initial training from an experienced user, we found the help tools within MRDCL and the online videos and were able to resolve difficulties that we had. We found the support from MRDC Software to be helpful when it was needed.

    - Kittirat Lelahuta (MI Advisory)
  • Ralph Westwood

    MRDCL is still keeping up with the reality of these times. Here, I am thinking specifically of the ability to read Excel files, which for so long have been used to deliver data, codeframes and tab-specs. I cannot yet do everything I can do in Quantum, but it is rare these days to need to do everything I can do in Quantum. I find I am equally happy to spend my days writing MRDCL code. So now I am an MRDCL man as well.

    - Ralph Westwood (Cobalt Sky.)
  • David Ward

    When choosing software for our in-house DP requirements, the key was to have something that gave us the most power and flexibility. We needed software that allowed us to develop our own tools that fit into our data collection and tabulation processes.

    - David Ward (B2B International.)
  • Pereysamy Muniandy

    The videos are great. My DP team members benefited a lot from these videos especially new members to MRDCL. The examples given are very practical. You will become a little bit "advanced" faster by listening to the videos and following the examples given. We were able to watch the videos whenever we needed.

    - Pereysamy Muniandy (Global Vision Research.)